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Our Vision

Paramount Private Wealth strives to have a meaningful and significant impact in helping clients pursue their vision of financial success by offering strategies and guidance on Anything Financial.

Our Ethos

The Members of Paramount Private Wealth are guided by a professional set of fundamental values, abiding principles, and desire to succeed. This ethos holds us to a course given to us by our client’s trust to act and behave in their best interest, regardless of potential personal gain. Paramount Private Wealth has many multi-faceted aspects, including:

Trust.  The trust our client’s give us is a privilege we must earn every day. We accept this and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

Loyalty.  Loyalty to our team members and our clients is beyond reproach.

Control.  The ability to control our emotions and actions using our intellectual mind to determine prudent actions. This also extends to working with clients in an effort to calm their sometimes self-destructive emotions.

Research & Education.  Our education & training are never complete. We educate & train both ourselves and our clients on new policies, technology and methods that will forward their thinking and progress towards achieving their goals.

Integrity.  We uphold the highest standards set forth by our profession, law, and those instilled by prior generations of career military officers, whom formed our character.

Service.  To service those whom have entrusted us with their financial lives & inner-most confidence in swift but prudent way with the highest levels of communication.

The Genesis of Paramount Private Wealth

The idea of creating a company, that would provide individual & customized wealth management to individuals and their families, began over 20 years ago. At the time, I was in Corporate America tasked to achieve the goals I was hired for and if possible, improve the lives of those I was fortunate to lead. To me, the financial community focused on products to sell, not how various products fit into someone’s financial life and future. I experienced a tremendous void integrating the selection of investments, insurance needs, taxation, etc … as it applied to me as a person. People just wanted to sell me products, not understand my needs.

Understanding the individual person and their family’s needs, became the central focal point and the main tenant of a wealth management company I wanted to create; finding and using products are just the solution to addressing those needs.

It was not uncommon to get a call from your financial professional only when there was something to sell or a new model came out – it wasn’t personal. I felt lucky if the person I was talking with knew my birthday, much less some important event in my life, like getting married, being promoted, changing jobs, having kids, death of a family member, and this list continues.

Another irritating aspect I experienced all too often, were proprietary products that were restrictive and seemed to be more self-serving to people other than me. I had the dream of a company that would know me and my family, be innovative in their approach towards creating a customized solution for my goals, have high levels of contact, and have some accountability. In knowing ME, the company and people I wanted to interact with had to be highly creative and would relentless in pursuit of becoming  experts – or knowledge – in designing solutions and plans for my financial needs.

These are the main tenants of Paramount Private Wealth. We seek to truly understand each client, their needs, how they think and their values. All strategies are innovative and custom designed using a surgical approach. We don’t use models or proprietary products; we scour industry for the most appropriate products to use and do so in a forward/ongoing looking manor. We have high levels of communication, and deploy sophisticated technology in managing our business.

Lastly, I would like to personally thank all those that are or have been a part of this organization, said something that has made a difference in our thinking, and those that have offered any type of support. To all of you, thanks.